Junior Tennis Camps – Ages 9 – 16

Junior Summer Tennis Camps

Half day Junior Tennis Camps will be focused on progressing the kids tennis skills and ensuring a fun, positive experience for all.

Junior 1.0 (9 - 12 year olds)

Junior 1.0 camps are for beginners or kids who cannot rally a tennis ball over the net.  This camp will get the participants to rally ground strokes over the net  through progressing from hand eye coordination skills to proper swinging techniques focusing on forehand and backhand groundstrokes.

Junior 2.0 (9 - 16 year olds)

Junior 2.0 camps are for kids who can rally over the net but need to improve on consistency and accuracy.  This camp will have the kids hitting a lot of balls each day.  The instructor will ensure proper techniques and footwork are improved.  Kids in this camp will become more consistent, accurate, and hit with depth and power.

Junior 3.0 (11 - 16 year olds)

Junior 3.0 camps are for kids who can consistently rally over the net with depth and pace.  Participants will work on all aspects of tennis from proper techniques to strategies and tactics.  Volleys, serves, lobs, smashes, drop shots will be improved along with ground strokes.

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