Athlete in Residence for Schools


            Sports For Kids is excited to provide you with the opportunity to book one of our dynamic programs. Our athlete in residence program is a unique program focused on skill acquisition. We know that your students will enjoy and excel in our specialized programs.

            We offer a variety of flexible programming options, allowing you to select the right one for your students. The Athlete in Residence program aims to develop the technically correct movements and skills within the guidelines set by the Alberta Physical Education curriculum. All of our programs will keep the children engaged by progressively increasing the difficulty of the skill set within the activity or sport.  Intramural facilitation and motivational speeches are just a few of the many valuable services you can take advantage of.

            Rest assured, our experienced instructors take care of set-up, clean up and planning of all activities. The Athlete in Residence program will be scheduled so that it fits within the schools current physical education time slots, making scheduling seamless and easy for all faculty involved. Our staff are passionate about fitness and nutrition and will ensure all participants are comfortable, learning and most importantly having fun!


            Sports For Kids will tailor a program to meet students’ needs. Our programs can either run for one week, starting at $3000, or two weeks starting at $5500. Prices are subject to change depending on planning time, choice of activity, facility location, and equipment. We are open to discussing a rate that will work for your school.

Program Options Include:



Ball Hockey




Track & Field