Fun Day for Schools


            Sports For Kids is excited to provide you with the opportunity to book one of our dynamic programs. A Sports For Kids Fun Day not only rewards the students, its good for your teachers too. Show your teachers how much you care by letting us do all the planning for your school’s next fun day.

            Our objective is to provide an unforgettable, stress-free day for your students and teachers that is full of activity.

            Fun Day is about participation and cooperation. We will engage students in a series of exciting and challenging interactive stations. The number of stations will be determined based on the number of classes participating. Sports for Kids fun day stations will have all your kids engaged at the same time to ensure maximum fun!

            When we visit your facility we will provide all of the necessary equipment for the daily activities. To alleviate any and all stress, we will ensure all staff and volunteers involved know exactly what to do and where to be, prior to the event. We will customize the event to your satisfaction to ensure maximum enjoyment for all.

            Fun Day is a great way to support a specific theme, our experienced instructors take care of set-up, clean up and planning of all programming. If you are interested in hosting a fun day for your school, please call our office at (780) 452 - 1266 to set up a meeting. Sports For Kids is flexible and will adapt our programs to meet your needs. Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity for a half or full day!


            A full day event is only $1950 and a half-day event is $1500. Prices are subject to change depending on planning time, choice of activity, facility location, and equipment. We are open to discussing a rate that will work for you and your event.

Theme Options Include:

Active Games

Decade (80's, 90's, 00's)

History of Sport

Mission Impossible


Sports Team

Top Shots

Water World

Winter Carnival

100's Day