Adult Aces (16 years +)

Adult Aces 1.0 Weekly Program

This program is designed for tennis players who are just starting or have some experience in tennis but cannot rally with an consistency or accuracy.  The focus will be to get playing tennis as quick as possible by teaching the proper techniques of the forehand ground stroke and backhand ground stroke as well as the serve.  Adults will be introduced to volleys, lobs, and overhead smash.  They will learn the rules and some basic tactics and strategies.

Adult  Aces 3.0 Weekly Program

This program is designed to teach Adults who can already rally a ball with consistency, depth, power , and spin.  This program will continue to build on the forehand, backhand, and serve while developing tennis tactics and strategies.  Participants will be taught volleys, lobs, drop shots, the smash, and when to use the various shots to their advantage.

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